NEW Chrysotile Asbestos processing

DMA is a fabulous brand new product designed to dissolve chrysotile asbestos contained in asbestos construction material.
DMA digestion agent is spray-applied as a foam onto the surface and soaks into porous materials, penetrating throughout to contact and destroy the chrysotile asbestos contained within. After treatment is complete, the material can remain in-place and is no longer considered “asbestos-containing”.
The U.S. Patent Office had issued seven U.S. patents on the unique DMA formulation and its method of application.

Figure1/Scanning electron micrograph of untreated fireproofing material containing 12% chrysotile asbestos(fibrous partcles).
Magnification, 100X.
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Figure2/Scanning electron micrograph of fireproofing material after treatment.
Asbestos fibers are no longer visible.
Magnification, 1500X.
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